Having trouble logging in?

I use Primal via my LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook / Google account

If you first came to Primal through one of your existing social media accounts, please make sure you use the same account you started with to log in to your Primal account with. Choosing a different social service to log in to Primal with will result in the creation of an entirely new Primal account, which will not contain any of your previous interests.

I created my account directly with Primal

If you created your Primal account directly with us and not through one of the social sign in services listed above, we can help through the following ways:

I've forgotten my username

If you cannot remember your Primal username, provide your email address below and we will email it to you.

I've forgotten my password

Provide your username or your email address, and we will email you the instructions to reset your password.

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If you continue to have issues accessing your Primal account, please contact support@primal.com for assistance.